Strike King Tour Grade Monofilament 200YD Clear

Strike King Tour Grade Monofilament 200YD Clear

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Strike King Tour Grade Monofilament 200YD Clear

Made from the highest quality Japanese fiber, Strike King Tour Grade Line is optimized for maximum fishability. It is not about manageability, or ease of use, or toughness, it is about ALL of these things. For that reason, we at Strike King have spent years working with the world’s best anglers to test and calibrate. The result is quite simply the most highly optimized fishing line available today. **All packages include the “Sidewinder” spooling tool and a postage paid envelop to recycle your old line.

  • Highest quality Japanese fiber
  • Package includes free Sidewinder tool for easier line spooling
  • Postage-paid envelope to recycle your old line