Plano PLASE373 EDGE Professional

Plano PLASE373 EDGE Professional

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Plano PLASE373 EDGE Professional


Terminal tackle is one of the hardest things to keep safe and organized, but the Plano EDGE Master Terminal utilizes Plano's latest technologies to give you the ultimate in terminal storage systems. Not just advancing tackle storage, but pushing it to the EDGE, the Plano EDGE Master Terminal features Rustrictor rust preventative technology molded into the base and a Dri-Loc watertight seal that keeps your tackle in pristine condition. It also features a crystal clear lid design for quick identification of contents and an oversized latch that allows for easy one-handed open operation.

Specifically designed for hooks, weights, and small parts, the Plano EDGE Master Terminal comes with 22 unique lift-out trays that are perfect for keeping small terminal items separated and prevent cross contamination like other storage boxes. Finished with a heavy duty steel hinge for improved durability, the Plano EDGE Master Terminal is the best terminal storage box ever created.

Dri-Loc® watertight seal

EZ Label™ labeling system

Rustrictor™ rust preventative molded into the base

WaterWick™ Insert

Crystal clear lid to quickly identify contents

Oversized latch for easy one-handed open

Super durable ribbed base and lid

Pre-cut vented dividers allow from 4 - 32 compartments

Heavy-duty steel pin hinges

Specially designed to stack multiple units

DIMENSIONS: 14” x 9” x 3.25”

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